TOA Emergency Microphone with Talk Switch able to Lock



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The PM-222D is a close-talking microphone for making general announcements. lt comes with a talk switch that can be locked. It is provided with the function to remotely control both the amplifier power and chime operation.

Type Moving coil microphone
Directivity Unidirectional
Rated lmpedance 600 Ω, balanced
Rated Sensitivity -47 dB (1 kHz 0 dB = 1 V/Pa)
Frequency Response 100 - 10,000 Hz
Cable 2-core shielded plus 2-core cable
Cable Length 2 m (when extended)
Terminal 5-pin DIN plug
Remote Switch Make contact (linked with talk switch) 30 V DC, 500 mA or less
Talk Switch Short-off type with lock
Finish ABS resin, gray
Dimensions 44 (W) × 160 (H) × 38 (D) mm
Weight 200 g
Accessory Microphone holder……1, Metal fitting……1, Tapping screw4×16……2