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Plena Voice Alarm Controller

Model: LBB-1990/00
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Plena Voice Alarm Controller


  • Heart of the Plena Voice Alarm System
  • TÜV-certified for IEC 60849
  • Six-zone system controller
  • Built-in 240 W amplifier

The controller has two BGM source inputs and a mic/line
input with configurable priority, speech filter, phantom
power and selectable VOX activation. A total of 16 priority
levels can be specified for microphone, call stations and
trigger inputs for optimum system flexibility.
The powerful 240 W output section has six transformerisolated
100 V constant-voltage outputs for driving 100 V
loudspeakers in six separate zones. The 100 V-technique
reduces line losses on longer distances and provides easy
parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers. All zones may
be individually selected from the front panel, and the BGM
output level in each zone can be individually set in six steps.
The controller supports A/B wiring.
Configuration software is provided on the CD included with
the unit. The CD also includes many useful programs, such
as MP3-ripping software, a sample-rate converter, various
audio and visual tools, and free, MP3-coded music.
The amplifier output is also available as a separate output
on 100 V and 70 V. A separate 100 V call-only output
provides addressing for an area where BGM is not required
but where priority announcements are. Six configurable
volume-override output contacts are available for overriding
local volume controls during priority calls. Both four-wire
and three-wire schemes are supported. An LED meter
monitors the output.

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